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Your 24/7 cybersecurity companion

Hi Checkers!

This is Trend Micro Check (TMC), your 24/7 cybersecurity companion. 

Welcome to Trend Micro Check blog!

Living in the “infodemic” world, TMC is a free-to-add tool designed to prepare online users to find the truth, stay smart, and become a force for good.

TMC helps you detect misinformation, news reputation, as well as fact, privacy, and security check (to verify if your email is leaked so that you can take proper actions immediately).

Here in TMC Blog we will provide latest information/ useful tips regarding issues of misinformation, anti-fraud, scam, cybersecurity… etc. on a weekly basis.

Where to find TMC?  

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Trend Micro Check is powered by Trend Micro – the world’s leading cybersecurity company.