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[Scam Alert] DHL Package Delivery Phishing Scam

Are you waiting for your package to be delivered? If you receive emails from DHL that claim you missed delivery and ask you to download files or click on links to see the details, please be cautious and think for a moment.
The attachment enclosed or the links included in the email could be malicious or phishing. They can expose your device to malware or lead you to a fake login page, tricking you into entering your personal information, such as name, home address, phone number, login credentials… etc. The senders can use your personal information for other scams like identity theft.

Be careful when an email urges you to take immediate action. Go to DHL website directly to confirm if the issues raised in the email are legitimate instead of clicking on the links or downloading any files in the emails. Or else, you can use Trend Micro Check for immediate scam detection: simply copy/paste the link and send it to Trend Micro Check chatbot!


Dear Customer,

We attempted to deliver your item at 3:20 pm on Wednesday 16th December, 2020. (Read enclosed Attachment file details).
The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address, so this notification has been automatically sent.

If the parcel is not scheduled for re-delivery or picked up within 72 hours, it will be returned to the sender.

Read the enclosed attachment file for details.


A DHL pakage delivery scam email.
A DHL pakage delivery scam email.

Check first before your next move!
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