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Did you know? 3 Ongoing Widespread Rumors of the Week

Did Nintendo sue a 9-year-old boy for making a cardboard console? Can we download CIA files on UFOs now? In this post, we’ve selected 3 ongoing widespread rumors to share with you in detail. They may be wild, ridiculous, or too creative to believe. That said, can you tell what is true and what is false? Did you almost believe in any of them?

Did Nintendo sue a 9-year-old boy for making a cardboard console?
Rumor has it that Nintendo sued a 9-year-old boy in Venezuela for $200 million because he made a cardboard Gameboy console. A meme about the incident featuring a boy named Paco Gutierrez was spreading on social media, which causes much discussion:

A meme falsely claims that Nintendo sued a little boy.
A meme falsely claims that Nintendo sued a little boy. Source: iFunny

The “video” mentioned in the meme was actually created in 2018 by another Venezuelan boy named Rubén. It is true a boy had made a cardboard Gameboy console. However, it is INACCURATE that he or anyone else was sued by Nintendo for doing that. The meme was fake, intentionally made it seem like Nintendo is doing what they do often – file lawsuits against fans.

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Can we download CIA files on UFOs now?
It may sound impossible, but the answer is…YES! Wow. Are you surprised?
It is said that thousands of CIA files on UFOs were made available on its website and on the Black Vault in January 2021. It turns out that this information is true!
The owner of the Black Vault website, the “largest privately run archive of declassified documents in the world,” said that they spent years fighting for people’s rights to know information about UFOs on their website.
The Black Vault released a page for people to download mysterious documents about UFOs. At the same time, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also uploaded some old records on their website and made these available to the public. So, yes, now you can learn more about UFOs starting with these documents!
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Did Tesla post a job listing to hire someone to handle complaints about Elon Musk?
Yes, it’s true.
A job listing posted by Tesla that describes the specialist’s role as having to “address social media escalations … directed at the CEO” (Elon Musk) has been widely discussed on social media.
The position was first released in December 2020. On January 19th, 2021, the writer Jay Boller tweeted this job offer, which received over 2.4K likes and 6.1K retweets as of today:

However, the job description has been updated by Tesla. Therefore, the responsibility no longer requires handling complaints about Elon Musk – even though it did exist once. 😉
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Did you successfully identify the truth from the rumors? Pay more attention to what you read and share on the Internet! To combat rumors and misinformation, remember, always check first before you share.
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