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U.S. Election 2020 Results: A List of Reliable Sources

✅The Associated Press: AP News

Its news stream provides detailed reports on the ongoing progress of vote countings.

✅Google Search: 2020 U.S. Election Results

Key in “U.S. election results” in your Chrome browser’s address bar and it will present the real-time results from The Associated Press immediately.

Google search result page shows overall results provided by AP on top
Google lists “Swing states” for people’s reference

✅Microsoft News: Results Map

The results on the page are also provided by The Associated Press. But it provides a neat interface to easily browse through news from different websites and for different states.

Microsoft News: Results Map along with news streams about the election

✅New York Times: Presidential Election Results

In addition to the result from The Associated Press, it presents different data such as vote count progression in an orderly way.

✅Facebook/Instagram: Voting Information Center

A Special Source for you!

⚠️NewsGuard’s 2020 Election Misinformation Tracking Center

In NewsGuard’s latest article, they provide a list of sites that spread misinformation and keep tracing them. You may refer to it to see if a source is legitmate.

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