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    Did you know? 6 Ongoing Widespread Rumors of the Week

    Was I Am Legend a story set in 2021 about zombies caused by failed vaccines? Is it true that a US House speaker’s podium was listed on eBay? Rumors never stop, despite the fact that it's only the middle of January 2021 (shaking our heads). In this post, we've selected 6 ongoing widespread rumors to share with you in detail.…

  • Fact Check

    5 Ongoing Widespread Rumors: Week of January 11th

    Is KFC REALLY going to sell their game console called KFConsole? What did you think of this? Did you believe it when you first saw it? As much as we hope to stay away from all rumors, they seem to always find ways to appear as a part of our daily lives - from the internet or general communication. Don't…

  • fake government aid scam
    Scam Alert

    [Scam Alert] Fake “Government Aid” Scam

    Recently we've spotted some questionable offers of "new government aid" circulating on WhatsApp. People are asked to click on links to apply for the government's relief package or free giveaways like gift cards or food vouchers. These links are phishing links, taking you to a website where you will be asked to enter your personal information, like Name, Phone Number,…